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Personal Works

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Misery is body's cave, hiding zest deep within

There is no light on the road stretching deep into self, because it has not been discovered yet. In this discovery, misery is full of didactic bawls. Zest is hidden within self.

Digital Painting, 2022


The resurrection saga

Almost every powerful female figure in legends, mythology etc., died for their sacrifice, or were punished, for rebelling. Shahmaran, the Queen and Mother of Serpents… She was the source of recovery for many beings. She kept curing even while on her path towards the death. Why this disproportionate expectation of sacrifice? Lilith stood her ground, declaring herself Adam’s equal… With this leading her to exile from the garden of eden… Would this event makes her the “Mother of Evil”…or…a strong woman standing for her grounds. I say it’s high time to re-interpret these legends and create the saga of resurrection...


Digital Painting, 2022

The cosmic symphony: Eternal reckoning

Blowing the last trump with the order of creative intelligence, Israfil declares the day of judgment has come. At the beginning of this eternal reckoning, while the music plays serenely and the wheel of fortune keeps turning, people are facing the consequences of their choices. Some people ecstatically applauding the working of the universe and manifestation of the justice, others inspecting their tallies in fear and bewilderment, while a woman is disappointed at the sudden ending of her life, which she surrendered to dualities.


Digital Painting, 2023


You’ll Never Know

Went into pitch-dark woods.

Thought a woman was running, bared of her clothes.

Later realised, she’d been by my side all along.

She asked me something.

No, no, I asked her, gee.

Saw a bird recently, I think it was me.

One plus one equals one. Did you know?

She replied, oh, right, just remembered; “you’ll never know.”

Digital Painting, 2022


This is the beginning of
a partly new poem

Time gave me its arm, I grimaced and said,

''You make me nervous.''

A war broke out inside my brain in which I took a side,

I grew tired and declared a ceasefire.

[Whispering]: Now I will feast, inviting anyone who defends peace on the face of the earth.

[Loudly]: Now I will feast, inviting anyone who defends peace on the face of the earth.

Excuse me one second,

this is partly a new poem,

those who hasn't got the peace yet are also gladly invited to the feast.


Digital Painting, 2023

I'm not from this world,
but yaşıyorum elhamdülillah

I’m gliding within neon cubes, visualising the lives I’ve lived. When I wake up, I realise I’m dead. It’s like, I’m not from this world, yet here I am. I look up, then down, it’s white everywhere and I realise I’m bored of my darkness. I’m boiling a void in a big cauldron. It’s like, I wasn’t from this world, yet here I was. And I didn’t only survive, I also lived.


Digital Painting, 2021

60x60 cm Kubra.JPG


Sometimes I give up living so as not to die, yet other times i forget death to be able to live.

Digital Painting, 2020

A Parchment About
Everything and Nothing

Sometimes I give up living so as not to die, yet other times i forget death to be able to live.

Digital Painting, 2020

The Egg


Digital Painting, 2023

Behind the door

Behind the Door is an animation series.

You have a door right in front of you - open it, get inside it and look around. Your eyes will meet, and everything will stop for a minute. Now there’s only the door that watches, and getting watched: Trinity. Your both the watcher and the watched. And the door is the host, the mother womb, the holy spirit or the creating power. And also the endless loop of them all.

IMG_6861 kopyası.jpg


Mixed media on wood.

50x50 cm, 2021




Raks is a two-piece ceramic installation and acrylic painting series on wood.

Dance with me tonight in Istanbul.



Everything Must Change

Mixed media on paper.




From My Window

Mixed media on paper.

48x42 cm, 2021




Mixed media on paper.




KSY x OMM Shop


Kendimin Yasındayım

90x90 cm


Bana Kendimi Sun

90x90 cm


Savulun Düşüncelerim

90x90 cm


The Circulation of Objects

195x147 cm


Lyric animation video for ''Bu Dünya'' by Sertab Erener


Digital illustration, painting on fabric and plexiglass for

''Acıtır Yara'' by Dilhan Şeşen

Director: Can Evrenol

Stylist: Elif Domanic



Book design for ''Kim Üzdü Seni'' by Nova Norda

E1969175-490C-458A-96EF-38B88470A7D0 kopyası.jpg

Yeminnen Usandım

Yeminnen Usandım is a five-piece animation series.

Project by Elektro Hafız and Kübrasu Yıldırım.


Acrylic painting for Elektro Hafız's guitar


Cover-art for ''Bence Gerçek Hepsi'' by Güneş Özgeç

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