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 Kübrasu Yıldırım (b. 1997, Istanbul, Turkey) brings multi-layered stories to life through digital and traditional art. Her work features female and non-binary figures, cultural textures, and profound connections.
Exploring gender roles, human dynamics, and the mysteries of the universe, she fearlessly examines life's depth.
Kübra has showcased her art at Akbank Sanat, Mamut Art Project, and more.
Collaborating with musicians like Sertab Erener and Elektro Hafız, she creates visuals for their music.



FAM / Group Show

Bomontiada-Istanbul / June 2019


FAM / Group Show

ICAF-Istanbul / October 2019​


Dream Gigs Illustrated - Group Show

ICAF-Istanbul / October 2019​


Girl Power - Group Show

Mecrada-Istanbul / November 2019​


Songs That Made Me - Group Show

FAZ-Istanbul / November 2019​


FAM / Pulse - Group Show

The Circle-Istanbul / January 2020​


FAM / Ozmoz - Group Show

Digital Exhibition Game / June 2020​


Songs That Made Me - Group Show

Hood Base-Istanbul / December 2020​


Dream Gigs Illustrated -  Group Show

Mamut Art Project-Istanbul / October 2021​


Dreamscapes -  Group Show

​Mamut Art Project-Istanbul / October 2021


Hayatta Kalanlar - Group Show

Peep Art Space-Istanbul / December 2021​​ 


Dijital Sanatta Şimdi: Alternatif Gerçeklikler - Group Show

Akbank Sanat-Istanbul / March 2022​


Hypnos- Group Show

Villa Borghese-Rome / June 2023

Estasi- Group Show

Ninfa Gallery-Milan / July 2023

The Last Gigs Illustrated- Group Show

Müze Gazhane-Istanbul / July 2023

Disyon Seçki 0.2- Group Show

Vitruta Space / November 2023


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